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Rosary Sisters / Jabal Amman






This educational organization sprung out from the Rosary convent promising the care and education for many generations since its establishment in 1880.

Our school follows the Ministry of Education curriculum. In addition to teaching the English, and French Language, for all levels, and Computer Science starting from grade one and above.

The vision

The Rosary sister school is a spiritual educational organization well known in Jordan and the Arab world, that brings up, the finest, spiritual, humanitarian and well Ė mannered generations.

The message

The Rosary Sister Schools looks forward to presenting and creating new ways of raising up coming generation with multi Ė dimentional methods of education based on spirituality and faith in God. For they provide new methods of scientific research and knowledge in communication skills to create elite leaders of the future.





Dear beloved onesÖ. our spreaded seeds of hope in the land of giving.
Itís my deepest pleasure to welcome you in this place that was specially made for you.
For you are the rainbow that lights and shines our school. You are our blessed souls in this world. We canít help not smiling watching you grow year after year fulfilling our dreams of seeing our seeds of tomorrow rise and grow.

Itís also my pleasure to welcome the parents who complete the other half of this beautiful painted portrait; so again welcome all and may God bless your souls with eternal health and peace.
May God bless our country.